In the past I was gigging twice  a  month at the VFW in Palmdale...... People would come listen to my versions of latin music, classic rock, jazz and soul.  My health has slowed me down, but you can experience my music on my Youtube channel. davetheimaginaryban1.  The link up top should get you there

My health has stopped me from playing anymore. But my books and my Youtube channel are still out there.

Music is good medicine

The one and only.....


david J. barron


I am a musician, who also writes science fiction.  I know... A Jack of all trades is a master of none.. but I gotta be me.  And NO ONE does ME better

I have four books published... Marauders of the Synchronetic Line, Protocol 13, The Roo, and my newest anthology, "Glimpses of the Past"..  They are all available on Amazon and Kindle.  I've got more coming so keep tuned in.

I will soon be releasing "Strange Eyes" and probably the "Hike"


Keep a close watch for my new books coming out and updates to the website.   Thanks for being fans.


the musician    and author