days gone bye...

Music and writing are a big part of my life.. I have played in the Greater Los Angeles Area, the Eastern Seaboard, The Bahamas, Korea, Domican Republic, Costa Rica .  I do covers and originals and sing in English and Spanish. If you can get me to your event... I'll play for free... Try a medium.

My Story

My Customer comes first

I'm Dave. At least that's what people call me.  I'm also The Breeze.  I've gone by many names over the years. Some good, some not so good.  I also had a lot of titles... brother, student, ruffian, writer, singer, songwriter, piano player, soldier,husband, father, grandfather, paralegal and not so legal.  I was born into the chaos of Hollywood CA in the mid 1950's.  To this day, I don't know how Hollywood survived me.  At some point I grew up.... Well that's not really true... I lived my life and enjoyed every minute of it.  Oh there were some bad times, some poor times, but when the good times rolled, I rolled with them.  I leave behind a beautiful family to carry my memory.

Lancaster CA 93534 US

Life is a Beach.

So be ready for sand in your underwear.